Veera Savarkar Nethaji (VSN) School provides an academic synergy of career-foundation and life skill development, seeking to create innovators of the future. Established in 1966, the institution offers quality education to students enrolled from LKG to standard XII. This encourages us to constantly evolve impeccable educational training by imparting creative thinking and communication skills in a stress-free learning environment, among aspiring engineers and medical professionals of the contemporary world.

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  • VSN offers unparalleled quality education for kindergarten kids that aims for their holistic development, enabling journeys of experience to seamlessly transition into acquired wisdom. Our objective is to empower the child to develop strong intellectual, physical and social skills by employing a futuristic outlook to impart traditional human values. To guide young minds attain a purpose and tenacity of their own. Our academic programme encourages them in initiating ideas and directs efforts to help them gather a world-view in confidently accepting the foremost learning challenges, all in a fun-filled environment.

  • Ideating is taken a step further by our well-trained staff, when children are familiarized to e-learning and audio-visual modules while they understand technology as a virtual medium differently. VSN teachers follow uniform micro schedules and core instructional material which are simple and self-explanatory for the child to understand the curriculum. Since the scope of such material extends to all the three dimensions, special precautions are taken in avoiding any kind of toxic objects to come in contact with the vicinity of your child.

  • As they learn with observation, imitation and ideation, children at VSN are taken through effective soft skills that ultimately help them in conveying what they have learnt. Non-verbal communication is also given due encouragement by our teachers as children convey inner talents through music and dance during celebrations and competitions, which play a significant role in awakening their motor skills.

  • The continuous all-round development at VSN warrants the need as well as the enthusiasm for teachers to continuously partner with parents in sharing the course plan, inputs, suggestions and progress of their child, all to ensure the best future for their children.

  • VSN believes in avoiding differences in handling its kindergarten children by providing a uniform platform that will help them in reaching newer heights in future. VSN insists on maintaining commonality in its scheduling, teaching, examination and analysis plans. Despite uniformity, it is our conscious decision to make individual assessments and not comparisons.