• CCE - Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Computer aided learning
  • Innovation in teaching slow learners
  • Orientation programme to the teachers
  • Well equipped Library and Laboratories
  • Communication training
  • Developing reading skills
  • Career and self development programme for the students
  • Listening Activities
  • Developing Self - help skills
  • Audio/Video learning Concepts


CCE scheme which is the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation for doing a holistic assessment of a learner which includes scholastic and co-scholastic aspects. Co-scholastic areas include life skills, attitudes and values, health and physical education as well as co-curricular activities. Therefore CCE brings a paradigm shift from examination to effective pedagogy.


Term-based VSN teachers prepare day-to-day schedules and core instructional material planned for particular terms as against the entire year. These schedules are simple and self-explanatory for the child to understand his curriculum which also enables parents to have an insight into classroom activities.

Activity Based Learning

The activities we plan for your child retain the purpose of learning and productivity through which children express themselves, recognize images and sounds, communicate and make friends with others.

E-Learning modules

Children’s ideating capabilities are taken a step further by our well-trained staff, familiarizing them to e-learning modules as they understand technology as a virtual medium differently.

Staff Enrichment programmes

Towards better understanding of concerns and interests, our teachers undergo on-going staff-enrichment programme that enables them to execute growth and development for early childhood without compromising on any count.

Beyond Academics

Outward facing in all that we do, we bequeath our students with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities apart from the academic excellence.

Creativity flourishes through the drama, music and arts programmes and we have a reputation for competitive sport in many areas including cricket, basketball, tennis, athletics and badminton to name a few.