Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought with ardour and diligence.

VSN makes it experiential, experimental and exceptional.

Our founder Shri. P B Venugopalan seeks to deliver an inspirational and holistic education for all the students of VSN. We encourage our students to balance a wealth of co-curricular opportunities with academic excellence to develop into aspirational thinkers with a thirst for lifelong learning.


Our vision is to educate all students for academic accomplishment, to enable them to reach and expand their horizon, which in turn fosters them to become productive, ethical and responsible individuals.


We are on a mission to provide a positive learning environment, where students can receive mature guidance through daily interaction with able faculty and become accountable, productive, and ethical citizens with the skills to think innovatively, reason critically, communicate effectively, and respect people of other cultures. We are also eyeing upon providing such a resourceful learning environment where students can develop into ‘Global citizens’.


Our values are outlined by the school prefects and should be upheld by the whole VSN Community.

Collaboration And Camaraderie

VSN’s spirit and friendly atmosphere allow individual personalities to develop, and our student-led events and activities nurture a supportive, constructive, and caring community.


VSN prides itself on student equality and impartiality regardless of age, background or ability. Diversity is accepted and valued.


VSN believes in respect towards students, staff and the school, and fosters relationships based on fun, frolic and fellowship.


We feel proud to be part of our school community with a desire to excel and to do the best we can with integrity and honesty.