About Us


Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought with ardour and diligence.

VSN makes it experiential, experimental and exceptional.

Our founder Shri. P B Venugopalan seeks to deliver an inspirational and holistic education for all the students of VSN. We encourage our students to balance a wealth of co-curricular opportunities with academic excellence to develop into aspirational thinkers with a thirst for lifelong learning.


“When you first visit VSN, you’ll immediately feel that this is the right place to start your ward’s education”

Our school is dedicated in providing a caring and nurturing ambience for the education and development of your child. Our teachers excel at collaborating with families to create an individualized, educational and fun environment for children to learn and grow. While supporting our game oriented learning approach, we are proud to include extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for the holistic development of our students. Our focus on experiential learning inspires the 21st century learners. We are devoted to providing the best academic preparation for your child.

This establishment has been making a mark in its field by contributing towards an all-round development of the children studying under its roof.

It endeavours to nurture the unique aesthetic and creative potential in every child and set phenomenal standards in child development and education. VSN is known to be a pioneer in Early Childhood Care and Education, popularly referred to as ECCE.